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Songbird Hypnotherapy

My name is Katie Churms. I am a fully qualified (HPD, DSFH, BA Hons), accredited and insured clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. My practice is based in Potton, Bedfordshire but I can also work with you online from anywhere in the world. I specialise in supporting people feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed but can support with a wide range of symptoms. I am so passionate about the solution focused approach and have seen it change so many lives, including my own! I have struggled with recurring skin issues throughout my life (acne, lichen sclerosis, lichen planus to name a few!) and know the impact that stress and anxiety can have on your skin.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines forward thinking talking therapy (taking elements of SFBT, CBT and NLP) and hypnosis and is a very modern and up to date approach based on the latest neuroscience. We work on moving forward and helping you to become the best version of yourself again, without the need to dwell on the past. We focus on helping you to find solutions, reduce anxiety and stress levels, as well as changing behaviours and unhelpful thinking patterns. We also help you to understand how your brain works and why you feel and behave the way you do. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines both conscious and sub-conscious change.

Imagine feeling confident and in control every day. What difference would that make to your life? What would you be able to achieve?

If you are ready to make changes and get the real you back again then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your initial consultation and start your journey. I look forward to hearing from you.