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How To Do the Work – The Holistic Psychologist is what got me started on my journey in healing my mind and body. The foundation for changing perspective and making sustainable changes.

Getting Unstuck – a philosophical Buddhist view on habits and addictions. Made me truly face the impulsive aspect of myself that had taken over my life.

Black Skin – dermatology is only starting to look into the fact that darker skin tones sometimes need different treatments. This book has good tips on how to keep dark skin healthy.

Skin Picking – tips on how to reduce dermatillomania with accounts from people who have experienced it.

Emotionality Exercise – a workbook I made based on everything that’s helped with my mental health. 10% benefits Crisis UK.

My Atopic Trips – an honest memoir of a man’s travels as he experiences wonderlust, disrupted by a severe skin condition, and redemption. I related heavily to the frustration of having to put one’s life on pause for health’s sake but also to what having an ailment can teach us.

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