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Sometimes hugs mean everything to me, sometimes they mean nothing. Sometimes nature ceases me in awe, sometimes I just want to go home. It’s difficult for people like me to feel connected to most things unless we’re in hyper-focus or laughing genuinely. Not only do we need to work on our trust issues in order to connect with people (sometimes I detest that socialising is so important), but there could also be neurotransmitter imbalances dimming the light setting to bleak. We work hard on the whole better-sleep-diet-exercise thing but life can still feel like virtual reality. Recently I’ve been itching so much that my skin is numb, my eyes foggy and my ears muffled, the reduction of senses once taken for granted taking me further into my shell. Anyway, after a while of being better keepers of ourselves, the next step is to work on our beliefs. Ask if every conclusion we make is the only angle to view things from. While configuring, we can use the senses we have access to wholeheartedly; feel the wind, listen to rain, taste the symphony of a meal. My guess is this establishes a new way of being, shifting the default to not so bleak. It may become easier to do over time but as we know, learning isn’t linear. Of course, if it’s trauma that’s holding us back there are professionals on YouTube who discuss nervous system dysregulation. So if all else fails, that could be a good path to go down.

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