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Needs must

This one’s more like a diary log. I’m still recovering from erythroderma and it’s been daunting to say the least. Steroid ointment and compulsive scratching have not helped, so I’ve been put on immunosuppressants and doing hypnotherapy. Only time will tell. I’m trying my best to stay afloat mentally but the cold is settling in and not being able to work has meant having to move back in with my mother. I feel I have failed myself but needs must.

A friend was kind enough to invite me on holiday to take my mind off things, but I couldn’t completely enjoy myself because of the pain I was in. For now the only thing that seems to help is sleeping a lot.

I’m reading a book on travelling with a skin condition. The author told me he recovered from erythroderma after six months of traditional Korean medicine!

My Atopic Trips: How travelling saved me from TSW and severe Eczema

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