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Canadian representatives of the Association of Psychocutaneous Medicine of North America:

Social network for people living with eczema:

Anne Maguire, historic physician:

Providing support and promoting respect for everyone with a visible difference:

StuffThatWorks helps people learn which treatments work best for their condition using AI-powered crowdsourcing:

Online health community providing free information and support on chronic health, partnering with health experts:

Dermatologist directory for darker skin UK:


SMART Recovery is a science-based programme supporting people to manage their recovery from any kind of addictive behaviour:

The TLC Foundation for body focused repetitive behaviours:

Mental health and skin picking disorder non-profit for excoriation disorder sufferers:

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour online support group:

Info on a combined approach to atopic eczema:

Dermatillomania discussions on Reddit:

Sensory items for proprioceptive input: