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Setting up a space in a way that gives you that cosy feeling of safety and contentment is great for decompressing. Dimmed lighting, blankets, pillows, an activity, and a hot cup of something are usually the classic elements of a good night in. You either put your worries aside for another time or your calmer state gives you new perspectives on solutions, or even on what to let go. Sometimes we may like the company of others, coregulating one anothers physiology with bonding, kinship, validation, and reassurance, even if an debate ensues. In such a case the welcoming environment is more likely to encourage understanding and acceptance, even when you agree to disagree. And other times we may prefer to recharge alone, taking the time to reflect and/or engage in something we love.

The feeling can happen when you simply put your feet up, have a shower, eat your favourite food, walk through a peaceful wood ect. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a tangible place. Although some people cannot conjure up images in their mind’s eye, imagination can send us anywhere. With acceptance of where you’re at now, daydreaming can beneficially refresh the brain. Imagine what your senses would detect if you were truly there. Or get nostalgic about a good memory. But not for too long of course, it’s good to stay grounded in reality and be present.

For those who suffer with itchiness, you may find you suffer less during these times of serenity because of it’s nerve stabalising and anti-inflammatory effect. However, sometimes when we’re relaxed we can become complacent and still find ourselves clawing at the skin. It’s a catch-22 when it can happen no matter what state you’re in so be sure to plan ahead and stay aware. Wearing gloves may help with this but you may find you’ve been taking them off unknowingly. This is why we have to be patient in training the subconscious mind to reduce the habit.

Whatever your sanctuary looks like, it’s your little world and you have control of its atmosphere, which often isn’t the case in everyday life. However, in the words of Outkast; ‘you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather’.

10/5 update: I’ve recently found out that the connection between my conditions may be a glutamate-GABA imbalance. I’ll be making some lifestyle changes and report back.

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