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Allergies, visual snow, dissociation, sound, light and temperature sensitivities. Is there a connection between these and dermatillomania or psychogenic itching? My research often points to yes due to them being related to an anxious neurology. This is a long shot but can our conditions reflect something about ourselves? Allow me to demonstrate; I can be intolerant, avoidant, and sensitive toward certain situations, let alone the sensory stimuli that comes with them. Which manifested which? Are our conditions a message to help us in life? I most definitely strive to be more tolerant, engaging and resilient these days. I allow for my sensitivities to feel an emotional richness rather than ignore them to the point that they return in an unhealthy outburst later on. Whats hard is making sure my emotions don’t rule my decisions. Goodness knows that my worst moments in life have been due to this. My immunity and my mind have memorised my environment as hostile, fueled by nature and nurture.

I feel like the metaphysics or philosophy of picking in particular is like picking at thoughts, picking at situations, a desperate attempt to make things perfect. If skin is a physiological barrier can we question the health of our psychosocial boundaries when we’re tearing it apart? It’s shedding a plea to be out with the old and in with the new. Constantly living in two extremes of discomfort and acute moments of rewarding distraction. I’m essentially a dope fiend which is why I’m no longer on social media for entertainment purposes. I’m trying to find a balance between making sure I don’t get overstimulated and exposing myself to things that will eventually be good for me, lest I continue to be a hermit. Breathing techniques help to convince my brain that I’m safe and to remember good outcomes, rather than focusing on the not so good outcomes that get added to the evidence room with a sign that says ‘why i shouldn’t even try’ on the door. Friction is growth and builds character. Apathy adds to this friction. Excuse my humour but I’m seeking whatever could represent the symbol of lube… self worth? Curiosity? 

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