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A Love Letter to Hermits

To the loners trying to pull themselves up by the slipper straps Depression’s gravity weighing heavy on your lap Inertia another brick in the wall Anxiety a bouncer keeping you at the threshold Nerves in dorsal mode Hormones accumulating in allostatic load The culture says hustle The clock says too late Insecure attachment and socialContinue reading “A Love Letter to Hermits”


Acne Excoriee / Dermatillomania / Neurotic Excoriation / Psychogenic Excoriation / Skinorexia / Skin Picking Disorder – a mental health condition where you cannot stop picking at your skin Asteatotic – dry, fissured skin that occurs from epidermal water loss Autoimmune-oestrogen/progesterone-dermatitis – cyclical cutaneous eruption that occurs premenstrually Behavioural Dermatology – behaviour modification therapy BiopsychosocialContinue reading “Glossary”


Due to my dermatitis I can’t do rigorous treatments such as laser treatment or dermabrasion for my hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, which are stubborn on darker skin tones. And also sucks because I have no patience for waiting months doing a skin care regime to see results. But alas I have no choice. It can beContinue reading “Hyper/popigmentation”

Alternative Treatments

Reiki was an interesting experience. After one session I came out in hives presumably because everything I’d been holding in since childhood was being released. Now, I’m a good cryer but it was never enough to ease the deep seated tension. After a couple more sessions the heaviness between my chest and belly disappeared. ItContinue reading “Alternative Treatments”


Allergies, visual snow, dissociation, sound, light and temperature sensitivities. Is there a connection between these and dermatillomania or psychogenic itching? My research often points to yes due to them being related to an anxious neurology. This is a long shot but can our conditions reflect something about ourselves? Allow me to demonstrate; I can beContinue reading “Sensitivities”