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The Power of Curiosity

Alice's adventures in Wonderland (1907)

When I think of curiosity I think of Alice in Wonderland, submerging into a space of trial and error with a gradually higher tolerance toward becoming fed up. Although out of one’s comfort zone, it can be enjoyable and yet very taxing. Trying to conjure up the concept of hope can feel like lying to ourselves but I find that taking on the role of leading mini experiments can bring it about, even if I’m not getting the result I want. Because failed experiments are just falsifying hypothesis. Alice eventually becomes the right size to go on with her journey.

Curiosity may well be the antidote to self doubt. It’s a shifting away from negative ideas that seem so cemented into the psyche. A mix of other’s opinions and past experiences make up that cement. Curiosity with a sprinkling of humour is the mallet that breaks through. But we shouldn’t see the cement as our enemy, it’s more like a breaking board used in karate – there to be challenged so we have more confidence in the next block, whatever that may look like for you.

A coping mechanism or self sabotaging tool that may come about whilst facing our fears is itching and/or picking. In this case we should think ahead; identify when, where and how this might occur so you can plan prevention. One of the professionals in our directory may be able to help with this. knowing that this habit is ingrained, be compassionate toward yourself and don’t expect perfection. Unwanted behaviours can only be dealt with when we’re fully present in the moment, the optimum time for changing neural connections. A list of reasons to reduce this habit could be to not damage skin health, to not change appearance, to not feel held back, ect. But personally, this has never helped me in the moment. What helps me is continually emanating who I want to be with self respect. However this has taken me a very long time to get to and doesn’t always work. So do your research and try out different things safely and with curiosity until you’ve found your right size.

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