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Tools Reviews🛠️

As you can see I’m not much of a blogger but I thought I should do some quick reviews based on my experiences with the items featured in Tools along with any tips I may have for them.

Health and Personal Care❤️

Silicone finger covers are great from preventing scratching although they can get sweaty and fall off at night.

Spot/acne patches again good for picking prevention and gives sores time to heal. The best brands stay on for longer.

Silicone sheets do the same as above items with larger surface area.

If you believe in homeopathy, tissue salts can aid in all kinds of ailments, in this case calming the nerves.

The shower head really helps to make shower time a less frightening experience if you’re like me and live in a very hard water area. It softens the water so there’s less stinging and better cleansing.

Air purifiers minimise mold which wreak havoc on skin conditions and aren’t great to breathe in either.

Safety mitts are for those emergencies when you’re having a scratching frenzy and need a temporary intervention. I’m still somehow able to scratch in my sleep with them on though, sometimes it’s actually best I don’t wear them at night, maybe their presence reminds my brain to itch or something. If that makes sense.

Antiseptic sprays and antifungal creams are wonderful for reducing infections so you don’t have to go on to antibiotics for the hundredth time. But if you do remember to take probiotics to replenish the gut. I’m surprised dermatologists never told me about these.

I only had the Flow Neuroscience headset for a short while during a time when I was going through extreme executive dysfunction and was therefore unable to use it properly on a regular basis. However, when I did use it I felt a sense of total peace, clarification, and less frustration. If I’d have experienced this years ago I probably wouldn’t have turned to alcohol. So if used properly I’m sure this will have a significant affect on the user. Use my code Eleanor_10 for 10% discount at checkout.

I used the first Keen bracelet by HabitAware and found it useful in realising when I was about to pick at my skin unknowingly. It’s sensor activated a vibration. I’d suggest using it along with talk therapy as you still need to shift into a certain mindset to take it seriously (there were times when I would ignore it’s buzzing). The new upgrade has an app which I’m sure would get the user into that responsible mentality.

Herbal Remedies🌿

Herbs with anti-inflammatory properties are the best for both skin and mind. They work better in tinctures where their strength is increased but every day herbal teas are gradual building blocks for overall health.

The white willow bark tincture is a natural pain killer that doesn’t merely mask pain like over the counter medication.

Tea tree oil is antiseptic to be used with cotton buds or a carrier oil.


How To Do the Work – The Holistic Psychologist is what got me started on my journey in healing my mind and body. The foundation for changing perspective and making sustainable changes.

Getting Unstuck – a philosophical Buddhist view on habits and addictions. Made me truly face the impulsive aspect of myself that had taken over my life.

Black Skin – dermatology is only starting to look into the fact that darker skin tones sometimes need different treatments. This book has good tips on how to keep dark skin healthy.

Skin Picking – tips on how to reduce dermatillomania with accounts from people who have experienced it.

Emotionality Exercise – a workbook I made based on everything that’s helped with my mental health. 10% benefits Crisis UK.

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